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Direct Lines (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading prominent and professional Human Resource consultancies in Sri Lanka. We have gained vast experience in providing the right person for the given job. Our service has been appreciated and applauded by our clients. Commitment and dedication toward our clients is top on our agenda.

A Sri Lankan based reputable institution registered under Sri Lankan Foreign Employment Bureau, Labour License No. 0524, a dedicated recruiting and training centre offering employment opportunities to candidates of all skill levels, placing them in local institutions as well as for foreign countries.

(Member of Jifco Group of Companies)


Over the years we have found jobs for over 100k jobseekers both locally and internationally. Find the right career through us.


Our Network spans across countries and continents. At direct Lines (Pvt) Ltd. you can find your dream job destination to enhance your career and mind.


Our Clients range from SME, Corporations, PLCs, Multinational companies. which are reputed companies in their respected industries. 


Browse through our client direct to get an understanding about the companies we deal with. There is a clear profile about the companies.


We give our utmost care to our candidates and clients. We guide them step by step as we plan on building a long term relationship rather than short term gains


Our Professional career advisors could guide you through process. They are able find your inner need and cater to your desire.

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Direct Lines Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1985, and with 29 years of experience we have gained vast experience in the human resource industry. Choosing the right people is essential for any company to prosper and succeed. We have provided over 50,000 skilled workers to over 100 leading organisation in the Middle East and are one of the leading Manpower recruiting agencies based in Sri Lanka. We have vast “hands on” experience in providing human resources to the Gulf and South East Asian countries.


Honesty and sincerity have been our foremost precedence and also we have always given our utmost care and respect to our clients in providing manpower from Sri Lanka. Direct Lines team works together in order to find the best and finest candidates for our clients. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals. We are here to provide the best and finest service to our clients. By choosing Direct Lines Pvt Ltd we can assure you that our service will be reliable and provide you qualified candidates on time.


    Sri Lankan workers are hard working, intelligent, honest, and driven.
  • High adaptability to work in various environments.
  • Literacy rate in Sri Lanka is 97.3%.

Human resources, hardly anyone would disagree, are the most precious assets of any organization – be it a small business or a multibillion dollar corporation. Success of any organization undoubtedly depends on the efficiency and commitments of its employees.

Choosing the most suitable person for any given job, therefore, has become a primary concern and responsibility for any company. This tremendous pressure of sourcing and recruiting the right person for the right job is largely reduced if not eliminated by, firstly, choosing the right recruitment agent to do this job for you professionally and efficiently.

Direct Lines (Pvt) Ltd (Labour License No-0524), a Manpower and Recruitment Consultancy duly licensed by the Labour Ministry of Sri Lanka Government, is geared to provide you the kind of a Professional Personal Recruitment service you need.

At Direct Lines (Pvt) Ltd, the clients’ satisfaction is our priority simply because we firmly believe in strong, long term business relationships rather than short term gains. Our highly efficient and dedicated team of staff is constantly preparing to fulfill all your manpower requirements.

You can work along with our organization with confidence.

  • We have been doing business with direct lines (Pvt) Ltd. For over 20 years  it has been a pleasure working with them.

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    Electro Services
  • Direct lines have supplied many workers to our company. We have been doing business for the past 15 years or more.

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    Samama Co.
  • I went through direct lines (pvt) Ltd. Obeikan Group. I am very Happy with the services. Also will be going through their company to UAE.

    T. S. M Jalal

  • I have supplied many workers through Direct Lines (Pvt) Ltd. I am very happy with their services. The companies they provide workers are top class. Thank You